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Australia, indoor panoramic Suite home lift


A Suite home lift installed by our local partner Direct Lifts Australia inside an eye-catching villa . The rooms are spacious, sunny and tastefully decorated.

The secret of a perfect installation

The solution provided with the installation of the home lift delivers home comfort and reliability. At the same time, thanks to the glass tower and the metal-look paint, it preserves the airy feeling and enhances the interior design of the villa.

Manufactured by NOVA Elevators, installed by Direct Lifts Australia

How is the Suite home lift manufactured?

Panoramic structure: Desenzano glass tower

  • Cladding with glass panels on the four sides of the Suite home lift for extreme transparency;
  • Steel structural components and panels frame in metal-look paint.

Cabin materials and aesthetic finishes:

  • Cabin finishes and COP in mirror st. steel with two full-height windows;
  • Mirror stainless steel ceiling with 4 LED lamps;
  • Floor in natural parquet by the customer;
  • GRETA Glazed Swing Door, with extra wide central window and flush handle. The paint used for the lift doors matches the tower finishes.

Safety and Comfort

  • Emergency phone inside the cabin
  • IR light curtain to protect the cabin entrance
  • Alarm bell
  • LED lamps cabin light with stand-by energy-saving mode and emergency light at power off
  • Automatic relevelling and emergency release operations in case of power failure
  • Central Operating Panel: call buttons, alarm buttons, emergency STOP switch and overload signal
  • At landing: call buttons, present and busy cabin signals, alarm bell
  • Long handrail in mirror stainless steel
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