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Indoor elevator Suite Lift among ancient frescoes in Ferrara

NOVA Elevators has completed the installation of a Suite Lift indoor elevator that connects the floors of an historic building protected by the Superintendence of the Fine Arts.

Where is the Suite Lift installed?

The city of Ferrara, in the Emilia-Romagna region, acquired its prestige thanks to the Este family, who transformed the medieval citadel into a true Renaissance jewel.

Inside one of these ancient buildings in the historic centre NOVA Elevators has provided a Suite Lift indoor elevator with 3 stops.

The interior walls of the stairwell show frescoes of important historical and artistic significance that could not be covered by the indoor elevator.

The secret of a perfect installation

The NOVA Elevators team worked together with the project developer Engineer Sisti. The team provided a solution that respects the architectural constraints imposed by the Fine Arts and improves accessibility:

  • Panoramic metal shaft: the indoor elevator is inserted in an INCAS metal shaft in light ivory (RAL1015) with panoramic walls and a Marylin swing door with a central panoramic window. This solution allows users to appreciate the frescoes on the walls of the building, both when climbing the stairs and when traveling inside the indoor elevator to overcome the differences in height of the building;
  • Free headroom: the internal elevator is not anchored to the ceiling of the stairwell. This design preserved the frescoes on the vault of the building.
  • Custom design for the modernization of historic buildings: the Suite Lift had to fit into a narrow stairwell, not designed for the installation of an elevator. NOVA Elevators engineers have designed an internal elevator with a narrower front wall, so that the system could perfectly adapt to the dimensions of the existing stairwell;
  • Complete customization: the client has opted for a classic design for the Suite Lift cabin, chosen with white Skinplate walls, black PVC floor, white ceiling and lighting with 2 spotlights.
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